Ever since I stepped into the working world, I haven’t had an ounce of peace in my life. Job after job came attached with demanding bosses, gossipy colleagues, and I hated wearing office attire. That was one of the things I dreaded most, actually. I disliked the feeling of wearing a work shirt with long sleeves, making me sweat easily and let’s not even mention the pants—they’re so restrictive they might as well be part of a straitjacket. Loose ones make me look unprofessional; fitting ones make me feel suffocated. There was no way to win for me.

It sounds like a small thing, but when combined with the fact that my colleagues and bosses were wretched beings to work with, I honestly hated my adult working life. But I liked my desk job. Unlike many other colleagues of mine, I didn’t mind sitting in front of my computer and doing tasks that required discipline and not much thought. I saved the creativity for after-work activities when I went out with friends or went to the movies—recreational stuff. The 9-to-5 wasn’t so bad; it was the everything else involved that threatened to make me quit and look for something else without office politics.

Then one day I was complaining about my job yet again to my sister, and she asked me, “Why don’t you just work from home? It’s still about sitting in front of a computer, just without those colleagues gossiping around you.” I was so shocked that it didn’t occur to me earlier. My sister then continued on to tell me that her husband had just recently started working from home thanks to a book called Data Dollars Pro, and was earning a decent amount of income to support the family.

After talking to my brother-in-law about his earnings, I was sold. I bought the book and with it came the solution I had been looking for all along. It was about working from the comfort of my own home, without all the restrictions of an office environment. I didn’t have to contend with noisy colleagues, nor my unreasonable boss, and best of all, I didn’t have to put on a tie and proper shoes and could just work in the clothes that I woke up in! To me, that alone was enough reason to quit my job at the office. Of course, I had some savings to back me up for emergencies. Myofferstodayonly ….

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